Kent Green Hop Fest

Hop Fest is back! We’re so excited to put on another very exciting Hop Fest this year. Kent Green Hop season starts at Canterbury Food and Drink Festival on Friday 22nd September and it ends with us at Old Dairy Taproom on Sunday 29th October. We will be hosting a weekend of live music, over 50 different beers on offer, including German beers and Kent green hop beers. We will have industry professionals judging over 20 green hop beers on Friday 27th October, the winner will then be crowned and all the entries will be available over the whole weekend. These will be hosted on a special green hop bar in the brewhouse and our regular tap wall will host a mix of German beers as well as Kentish German-style beers to bring an element of ‘Oktoberfest’ to the celebrations. We will have a mix of food trucks available, from pizza, to BBQ, plenty to keep you going. Plus lots of exciting live music across the whole weekend. We’re so excited to see you all there.